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Mission Statement & Clinical Philosophy

Dr. Jan Mark Burte, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Mission Statement


My philosophy is that there is no single correct path to change. I’ve been in private practice for twenty-five years and have helped children, teens, adults, couples, and families work through the challenges of daily life and health. I have always maintained the belief that my patients can through psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, find the answers and solutions which are best suited for them. My goal is that, through resolution of internal and external conflicts, patients will achieve happier more productive lives, and embrace more peaceful states of mind, and experience greater joy from their family and friends regardless of the cause of their distress. Sometimes, that means facing changes head-on, other times it means acceptance of things we may not be able change, at least immediately.




I believe that our thoughts and beliefs often dictate our emotions and behaviors. By examining your belief systems both cognitively and experientially, we can identify the source of your fears, anger, depression, or anxiety within the context of your personal life and the relationships you have with others. So, too, behaviors follow from our beliefs. Intertwined within these beliefs are the positive and negative hypnotic statements which define our self-perception, emotions and actions. With the support of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, you can learn to eliminate the negative self-limiting statements, beliefs and patterns, which impact upon your daily functioning and hold you back from achieving increased happiness and reaching your full potential.


I further believe that much of what makes life a struggle for some individuals is their inability to effectively express their thoughts and feelings. Anger, withdrawal, and acting out are maladaptive ways of expressing our emotions and concerns. Being able to constructively express your thoughts out loud to others helps to reduce the sense of dealing with life’s stressors alone.