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Dr. Jan Mark Burte - Psychotherapy & Hypnosis

Dr. Jan Mark Burte - Pain Management

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Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Psychotherapy and hypnosis allows us to explore different ways to evaluate and experience events and beliefs from our past and present. In so doing, we can grow in positive life-enhancing ways. Hypnosis allows you to gain insights and explore alternatives via a process that I call “focused internally-directed experiential learning” (FIDEL).

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Pain Management

Pain management requires the integration of medical care and psychological interventions, such as hypnosis, imagery, biofeedback, and cognitive behavioral techniques to help you to mediate pain, enhance healthy functioning and facilitate rapid recovery. Our goal is to help you learn how to put acute pain aside and restore your quality of life.

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Clinical Sports Psychology

Through Clinical Sports Psychology techniques and my FIDEL approach, you can overcome barriers and perform at peak levels in sports. Combined with professional coaching to enhance elite player performance, Dr. Burte's brief interventions have led to significant improvements in performance for every level of player.

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Sexual Functioning Enhancement

Dr. Burte has written numerous articles on interventions in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and gender identity disorders. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counseling and/or medication can often help correct many of the psychological and biophysiological factors, which contribute to the common sexual dysfunctions and limitations experienced by both men and women.

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