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Family Therapy

Dr. Jan Mark Burte - Family Therapy



Confronting depression, loss and change in the family can become immobilizing and make each day a hardship. Family therapy can often help when those around us are impacted by the emotional, behavioral, physical, and bio-physiological changes that occur when psychological problems become severe.


Families are never stagnant. They go through constant change, growth and loss. Often conflicts and crises arise when adaptation to change is impeded by anger, fear, and worry, which results in the shutting down of communications between family members. At other times, illness and biological issues impact upon family life as well as the stresses of surviving and thriving day to day. What binds a family is often the underlying love which drives them to “fight” rather than “give up” on each other.


Family therapy helps remind each member of this and to develop positive constructive ways to communicate and contribute to the family’s goal to be productive and enjoy their relationships with each other.