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Dr. Jan Mark Burte - Psychopharmacology



At times, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy isn’t enough. Pharmacotherapy, when needed, can provide symptom relief, and improve functioning for some patients. Many of Dr. Burte's patients come to therapy already on medications, while others bring questions, concerns and thoughts about starting or adding psychotropic medications  to their treatment. At times a multidisciplinary team approach can be more effective in bringing about rapid and comprehensive improvement than either approach alone.


Toward this goal, Dr. Burte's advanced training in psychopharmacology allows for an educated and productive communication between Dr. Burte and your prescribing and treating physicians. By no means does everyone require psychotropic medication. However, in those circumstances, where the patient believes they cannot cope, or when a chemical imbalance or a severe pain or medical condition is present, then pharmacological intervention may be warranted.