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Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Dr. Jan Mark Burte - Psychotherapy & Hypnosis



Psychotherapy and hypnosis allows us to explore different ways to evaluate and experience events and beliefs from our past and present. In so doing, we can grow in positive life enhancing ways. Hypnosis allows you to gain insights and explore alternatives via a process of what Dr. Burte calls “focused internally directed experiential learning" (FIDEL).


Dr. Burte's ultimate goal is to increase the comfort of his patients as they face challenges, work through losses, re-evaluate circumstances, deal with medical conditions or pain, overcome alterations in sexual functioning and interface more effectively with family, friends and loved ones. He believes that overcoming specific issues, such as phobias, anxiety, unwanted habits, anger, chronic or acute pain, medical conditions, and socialization issues in a solution oriented approach is extremely important. For many individuals, feeling more effective in life begins with resolving the specific problems for which they are seeking psychotherapeutic assistance. Once the initial presenting problems are resolved, a sense of empowerment is experienced and additional goals can be considered and addressed.


The challenges of school, work, family and social life are great for children, teens, adults and couples. The desire to fit in, get along or simply feel good about oneself in these settings is crucial to happiness and well-being. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and social skills development should lead to increased feelings of self-worth and a sense of being a worthwhile person who can give meaning to their life.